At Glenn Dental, we use cone beam CT technology in all our implant cases.

Dr. Glenn is a leading authority in the world on this subject and he travels extensively lecturing and teaching other dentists guided surgery techniques.  So how does the process work?  With a simple 8 second scan, we're able to see all the underlying anatomy of the teeth, sinuses, and jaws.  

This knowledge allows us to plan the entire case virtually and generate a surgical guide which is 3d printed in our office.  This results in faster procedures with greater precision, and greater margins of safety.  For our patients, that translates to a much easier procedure and more predictable outcomes.


Here you can see a typical case where we used computer guided surgery to help place implants for a patient missing 3 teeth.  By using virtual 3d planning, the implants were placed into the perfect positions to be restored while also avoiding the patient's sinus.






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