Meet the Winchester Dentist

Hi I’m Dr. Cory Glenn.  It has been said that if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.  I can honestly say that I have found this to be true of dentistry.   As a dentist in Winchester TN, I feel blessed to be able to combine my love of science and artistic expression into a career that can change people’s lives by restoring their smiles. 

I was born in Jonesboro, AR where I lived until completing my undergraduate studies in biology and chemistry at Arkansas State University.  I then attended dental school at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.  Following graduation in 2008, I went on to do an additional Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency with a focus on comprehensive care and dental implants.  My love of dentistry and desire to excel in it has led me to become a continual student, taking far above the state required 20 hours of education per year (in 2012, I took over 380 hours). 

I enjoy collaborating with other dentists on various dental topics and I lecture frequently across the world on the topics of CAD/CAM, conebeam technology and guided dental implants, dental photography, digital smile design, complete dentures, and complex full mouth rehabilitation.



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I Brush and Floss So Why Do I Still Get Cavities? ! ? !

It’s time for your 6 month dental checkup.  The last time you were in, you needed 3 cavities filled despite the fact that you brushed twice a day and even flossed most days.  “What can I do to keep from getting so many cavities?” you asked the dentist.  “Well, you’ve just got to do a better job of keeping your teeth clean and lay off the sweets.”  So for the last 6 months, you have brushed with a vengeance after every single meal.  You’ve become a flossing ninja.  Brownies and skittles have been replaced with broccoli and carrot sticks. You’re certain that things are going to be different this time…

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What Your Eyes Can't See

My sophomore year in college, I bought a great used boat.  It was an aluminum boat with a 25 horsepower Mercury motor.  I had countless adventures in it over the years...... fishing, duck hunting, scuba diving, exploring- you name it.  The motor was always so reliable.  It always started right up and ran smooth.  That is, until the day that it didn't.  No big deal, I thought.  I'll just take it to the mechanic and get it fixed.  Imagine my surprise when he told me that the motor was locked up and it would cost nearly as much to fix it as it would to buy a new one!  “How did this happen?” I thought.

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Dr. Nathan Cory Glenn, DDS

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